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Office Wear

At Across Australia Trading we have been clothing students for over 25 years. Our scholastic experience has already seen us forge a network of trusted suppliers preferred by us for the quality and reliability of their products.

Now our sister company, Felix Premium Apparel, offers you access to an extensive range of garments and fabrics, and we will guide you with appropriate choices to suit your requirements. Style and appearance will be important to you, and Felix Premium Apparel will also ensure on-the-job wearability, comfort and practicality.

Felix Premium Apparel are experts at sizing for all ladies and our service can include custom tailoring and making or applying branding to ready-made apparel.

Felix Premium Apparel

    • Professional and stylish
    • Comfortable and practical
    • Quality products and affordable prices
    • Reliable and personal service
    • Expert fittings for all ladies